Joint Pain: A Consequence of Carelessness

We all think that we can never harm ourselves. But knowingly or unknowingly we make some such mistakes which cause a lot of pain to our body and we are responsible for that. Today we will know what such carelessness we take, due to which our joints start hurting. If you are getting older then it is natural that your joints feel a little painful. But if you are young and still have pain in your joints then you must be doing some mistake unknowingly.

Heavy Lifting                                                                                                                   

Your joints, which connect two parts of your body to each other, cannot bear much weight. One joint of yours has the capacity to bear maximum weight of 4 kg. If you lift more weight than this, it may be that along with your joints, your back, neck and your hips will start to ache.

Typing too many messages

If you’re typing all day or staring at your phone all day, your joints may be sore because of this. Because due to thumb running all the time, the nerves of your thumb can get blocked. Along with this, looking down can also cause pain in your neck. Pain can occur not only in the neck but also in your shoulders and other parts of the body.

Wearing high heels

The more high heels you wear, the more your weight comes on your toes. Because of which your thighs have to exert more stress to keep your knee in the right position. If you wear heels every day, then the pain in your joints may increase day by day. That’s why you should use heels only occasionally.

Over time our body parts and bones become weak. But today’s diet and lifestyle are many times causing bone weakness before age. Research suggests that by 2030, around 70 million people will suffer from the problem of joint pain. To strengthen weak bones, people often start taking calcium pills, which sometimes causes other problems. While there are also many natural remedies, by which you can make your bones strong. Today, in this write-up, you will know 5 natural ways of managing joint pain.

  1. Eat calcium rich foods

It is true that calcium is beneficial for your bones. But for this, taking calcium tablets without the advice of a doctor can be harmful for you because the excess of calcium causes kidney stones. But you can eat foods rich in calcium, which are natural and provide you with many other nutrients as well. To meet the deficiency of calcium, you should consume milk and milk products like curd, cheese, yogurt, ghee, cream, cheese, butter etc. in your diet. Apart from this, eat fish, pulses and lentils, almonds, green leafy vegetables, oats, oranges etc.

  1. Take Fish Oil Supplements

You can use fish oil supplements to make up for calcium deficiency, to strengthen bones and to increase the natural oil of the joints. In fact, the cause of osteoarthritis is bone weakness as well as uric acid deposited in the joints. To reduce this uric acid, you should consume fish and take its supplements.

  1. Lose weight

Often joint problems are seen in people who are overweight. Due to excess body weight, there is extra load on your joints, due to which the bones become weak quickly. If you want to keep your hands and feet healthy for a long time, then you should keep your weight down. If you are already a victim of joint problems, then you should start reducing your weight, otherwise the problems may increase later.

  1. Soak Sun

The calcium present in your food is not useful for the body as long as your body is deficient in Vitamin D. The best way to meet vitamin D deficiency is by sun exposure. For this, after getting up in the morning, spend 30 minutes in the warm sun or play in the open field. Due to weak bones, you should not play sports that require a lot of jumping, but choose sports that can burn calories without putting pressure on the bones. Apart from this, you can walk, run and do yoga or exercise.

  1. Ayurvedic medicine for joint pain relief

Kudos Revayu oil is a joint pain medicine works on improvement of symptoms like reduction in pain, morning stiffness and swelling in joint pains. Kudos Revayu Oil provides muscle pain relief and joint pain relief by working on swelling and stiffness which is caused by the body to prevent excessive movement in order to protect the damaged part.

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